The framework of the USRSB consists of five constituencies: producers, allied industry, processing, retail, and civil society.


The Board of Directors, made up of equal board seats from representation of each constituency, directs the activities of the USRSB. The Board of Directors guides the work of the USRSB through working groups. It is through these working groups that the USRSB’s work is accomplished.

These working groups examine issues and seek solutions to advance, support and communicate continuous improvement in beef sustainability.

Working Groups

1. Indicators and Goals for Progress

2. Engagement, Measurement and Progress


Board of Directors

Chair: John Butler Beef Marketing Group

Past-Chair: Nicole Johnson-Hoffman OSI Group


Chair-Elect: Rickette Collins
McDonald's Corporation

Secretary/Treasurer: Mark Shaw
Micro Technologies

Meghan Mueseler
Cargill Meat Solutions

Ben Weinheimer
Texas Cattle Feeders Association

Kim Stackhouse-Lawson, PhD.

Todd Armstrong
Elanco Animal Health

Brittni Furrow

Nancy Labbe
World Wildlife Fund

Chad Ellis  
Noble Foundation

Working Groups

Indicators and Goals for Progress

Co-Chair: Nancy Labbe, World Wildlife Fund
Co-Chair: Ben Weinheimer, Texas Cattle Feeders Association

Engagement, Measurement and Progress

Co-Chair: Clayton Huseman, Kansas Livestock Association
Co-Chair: Wayne Morgan, Golden State Foods